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Technical Manuals

Please see the note about Crown Copyright on the index page.

Technical, Educational Pamphlets, Technical Pamphlets for Workmen,
Educational Material eg For Schools & Colleges
Sales & Marketing, Descriptive Leaflets, Publicity Handouts
Handbooks and User Guides Now on a separate page


3000 Type Relay Data
1970 Data Sheets
1980 Data Sheets
Post Office data sheets on the 3000 Type relays.
Introduction from the main document and a contents lsit made by me (80 kB)
The 1970 copy from the British Rail collection, rescued from being thrown out.(3896 kB)
1980 version, courtesy of Paul Ebling (3091 kB)
ATW 22001 Symbols for Circuit Diagrams etc ATW 22001 Symbols Rules & Conventions: The Post Office standard for schematic drawings. Includes circuit symbols, component layout (eg tag numbering) and component designations for various functions. It incorporates the symbols from British Standard BS 530 (1948) which later became BS 3939 (1966) Graphical symbols for electrical power, telecommunications and electronics diagrams finally internationalised as BS EN 60617. Courtesy of John Mulrane [2.8 MB]
BT Safety Policy & Guide
BT Engineering Safety Guides

1. General Precautions
2. External Work
3. Internal Work
Personal guide to avoiding danger in the workplace. A8297, July 1991 2.3 MB
British Telecom Engineering Safety Guides. Issued in 1993 but still valid advice. A5 landscape format with colour photos
[4.2 MB, 3.9MB and 5.3 MB]
Cable Pressurisation
Cable Pressurisation Alarm Circuits
Post Office Notes for Internal Students, "A short appreciation of the need for the awareness by all staff, both internal and external, of cable maintenance methods and aims." [159 kB]
ATW 600290 Pressurised cable alarm circuits, diagram for an exchange cable pressure alarm rack, courtesy of Graham Cox, [135 kB]
Also see this article by Drallim about pressurisation.
Call Office Maintenance "These notes are intended to be of some assistance to the maintenance officer in obtaining the standard of maintenance that we should be giving to our public call offices." [861 kB]
Connection of FAX & Data Equipment Drawing SA 14 shows 'Connexion of facsimile and data equipment to PO lines': the methods of connection and demarcation points. A1 drawing. [241 kB]
Conventions for use in Circuit Diagrams. The Post Office's original standard for use in drawings. Issued in 1920. Eventually superseded by ATW 22001 (See above) and then by BS 3939. 176 kB
Dial Adjustment & Maintenance
MAI No 25
MAI No 26
Dial adjustment and maintenance instructions for Trigger type (No 25) and Slipping Cam type (No 26) [816 kB and 1.2 MB]
Description and Adjustment of Dial Mechanisms Technical Instruction from 1928 Part 24A. Description and adjustment for Dials, Auto No 10 also Nos 1, 3, 6 and 8. Courtesy of Laurence Rudolph [3.8 MB]
Engineering Instructions
T1012 Tester AT5422
Very few EIs remain in my collection, but I found this one by chance. It describes the Test Set usually installed at PABXs and small exchanges. [250kB]
Exchange Boundary Maps At one the time, the maps of exchange boundaries were freely circulated internally upon request. Here are some examples html document
Extension Plan booklet
A booklet in the same format as N-diagrams showing the wiring and facilities for each of the standard extension plans from1 to 12 [1 MB]
Glossary of Telephone Terms 1926
Glossary of Telephone Terms 1936
From Abonnement Call to Zone Centre they're all there in the 1936 list of "terms used in connexion with the telephone service", RG 52, 32pp,  Courtesy of Steve Willett [3 MB]. Compare with the 1926 version, Tp 1050, 20pp, courtesy of Neil Johannessen [2.4 MB].
Guide Notes (Customer Apparatus)
Ambassador System
Ambassador Telephones
Answering Sets & HTS No 2
Automatic callmakers
Ensign Call Connect System
Hawk Cordless Telephone
Line Concentrator ELD 96BT
Merlin Tonto
Minimaster 1 (1+6)
Minimaster 2 (1 + 5)
Octara 32
Premiere Call Connect
Proteus 24 & 64
Push-button phones & Xpress Callmaker
Sceptre 100
Senator 1 Call Connect
Special Range Telephones
Subs carrier system
Essential information for the installer and maintainer of subscribers' apparatus.
Ambassador Electronic Switching System 1.4 MB
Ambassador Telephones, SI10 S0007, 45pp, 1.3 MB
Answering sets and House Telephone System No 2, 24pp, 584 kB
Autodial 101A (Key Callmaker), 201A (Tape Callmaker), 301/302A (Card Callmaker), 28 pp 350kB
The Ensign call conenct system, TGN 0017, 118pp, 5.5 MB
The Hawk Cordless Telephone, TGN 0026, 18pp, 540 kB
Line Concentrator ELD 96 BT (Gfeller), TGN 0029, 20pp, 1.1 MB
Merlin Tonto Personal Information Centre, TGN 0031, 58pp, 2.4 MB
Minimaster 1, 1+6 electronic switching system for home or office, 0018, 18pp, 727 kB
Minimaster 2, 1+5 small switching system, TGN 0019, 20pp, 807 kB
Octara 32 Phone System - 10+32 system with optional feature terminals, TGN 0033, 68pp, 2.5 MB
Premiere Call Connect System (PMBX 12), S10 S0006, 62pp, 2.6 MB
Proteus 24 & 64 - Internal Telephone System No 3, 36pp, 2.4 MB
Push-button telephones & Xpress Callmaker, 27pp, 626 kB
QWERTYphone, TGN 0035, 61pp, 2.1 MB
Sceptre 100 telephone, 0014, 19pp, 646 kB
Senator 1 Call Connect System, 0015, 40pp, 1.5 MB
Special Range Telephones, SI10 S0005, 14pp, 496 kB
Subscriber's carrier system 1+1 (WB900), 16pp, 496 kB
House Exchange System - Q-Diagrams In addition to public exchange systems the British Post Office also supplied intercom systems under the title House Exchange System. It was documented in a series of Q-diagrams. A numerical listing of the Diagrams can be found here
Key & Lamp Unit
SA/SAW 9154
SA 9156
SA/SAW 9157
SA/SAW 9228
SA 9154 - Key and Lamp Units Nos 2A and 10A 108 kB
SA 9156 Order Table Working with K&L Unit No 2A or 10A, and UAA SA9151 Up to 20 Exchange lines or PBX Extensions - 5 sheets.[760 kB]
SA 9157 Order Table Working with K&L Unit no 2A, Special Applications. This means various types of private wire - 9 sheets.[791 kB]
SA 9228 Jack Unit No 1B [74 kB]
Internal Construction Guide
1. Miscellaneous Small Parts
2. Guide to Miscellaneous Small Parts
Parts of the Internal Construction Guide for Strowger exchange racks. Part 1 has an index listing where parts are used with sketches on following pages. The guide imporves on it by adding photos. Apologies for the poor scan in the latter. Courtesy of Mark Newton [1.6 & 3.3 MB]
London Code Change Two small reminders of the London code change on 6 May 1990: '071 or 081. Know London's Codes' and 'Remember the London code change on 6 May' [2.12 MB]
National Number Groups Map Official map produced by BT in 2000 showing the national number groups for subscriber trunk dialling (STD). This was freely available for download from BT Wholesale in the early 2000s. Courtesy of Bill Sayer. Compare with the STD and Charge Group maps in the Other Documents section.[380 kB]
New Telephone Wiring System Guide to the design and installation of the plug and socket wiring system introduced following liberalisation of the telephone instrument market. Courtesy of John Hein. [579 kB]
Optical Fibres - Principles & Properties
Optical Fibre Communications
Optical Fibre System in the PO Network
Principles: A concise explanation of fibre optic technology from 1980.  Courtesy of Graham Fitton. 7pp [516 kB]
Communications: Education type pamphlet produced by Dr. Chris Lilly for BT Inland Trunks. 40pp [1.4 MB]
Systems in PO Network: background to purchase of proprietary optical systems + basic information about the routes and technical features. 16pp [955kB]
Precautions against Accidents 1952
Precautions against Accidents 1956
Document Rg 41. Sound safety advice to outside plant staff  Covers working with poles, ladders, power plant, and other dangers. Early version has quaint sketches where later  version uses photographs. [1952 29pp 2.3 MB; 1956 33pp 2.2 MB]
PABX 1 & 2 Drawings
SAW 8102 Notes only
PABX 3 Drawings
SAW 81071
SAW 81510
SAW 81520 & Notes
SA 8153-1 & Notes
SAW 81532
SAW 81581 & Notes
SAW 81582
SAW 81600
SAW 81622
SAW 81631
The circuit drawings for various parts of a PABXs. SA is a schematic, SAW is a routed schematic with wiring instructions. Diagram Notes Courtesy of John Griffiths.
SAW 8102 Notes for Connecting Circuit: Selector & Line Finder for PABX 1 & 2 [557 kB]
PABX 3 Drawings & Notes
SAW 81071 Ringing & pulse Circuit for PABX Nos 1, 2 & 3 [229 kB]
SAW 81510 Extension Line & Finder (ATE Dwg No TG1713 based on AT8151) [190kB]
SAW 81520 1st Group Selector Diagram [118kB] Notes [35 kB]
SA 8153-1 Final Selector, earlier version Diagram [92kB] Notes [36 kB]
SAW 81532 Final Selector, later version [103kB]
SAW 81581 Exchange Line Circuit, earlier version Diagram [225kB] Notes [49 kB]
SAW 81582 Exchange Line Circuit, later version with pencil alterations for Railway use [194kB]
SAW 81600 2nd Group Incoming & Enquiry Selector [116kB]
SAW 81622 Inter-Switchboard line circuit both-way Manual-manual [194kB]
SAW 81631 Inter-Switchboard line circuit both-way dialling in from PMBX [168kB]
PABX 5 Principles
PABX 6 Principles
PABX 7 Principles
Training material from the PO Technical Training College, at Stone, Staffs. PABX 5 dated Dec 1972, 48 pp  1MB
PABX 6 dated Apr 1973 66 pp 1.8 MB
PABX 7 dated June 1978 106 pp 6.4 MB
Private Circuits Services Signalling Handbook
A guide to the selection of signalling systems for Private Branch Networks, including a full description of all signalling systems in use within the UK, both inland and international. 328pp, 10.5 MB
Relay Type 23
TI A2045 PO Preferred Relays
Type 23 Data Sheet
Type 23 Assembly Drawing CD2328
Telecomms Instruction A2045 contains a general description, coil data, curent performance, contact rating and data sheets [158 kB]
The Data Sheet lists the type of No 23 relays by contact action, showing min operating voltage, coil resistance and current ratings. [45 kB]
Drawing CD 2328 shows the mechanical assembly of the Type 23 Relay. [86 kB] All courtesy of Dick Landau
See also the ITT brochure
Rules & Regulations
RG 40 Rules for Workmen
RG 47 Regulations for Radio Stations

RG 40 1935 Generall rules for workmen covering all aspect of working life. 106 pages Courtesy of Rod Sleigh. [9 MB]
RG 47 1968 Regulations for Safety at Post Office Radio Stations 50pp 1.8Mb
Region and Telephone Area Boundary Map BT map showing the Regional boundaries and area telephone manager's offices. Also indicates the locations of the Group Switching Centres. Courtesy of Bill Sayer [2.4 MB]
STD Code Book 1984 in text
STD codes text alphabetical sort
STD codes text numerical sort
STD Codes Reverse List 1968
A complete STD code book for 1984 converted to text from Haddenham & Long Crendon Issue 4. 22 pages [107 kB]
Two plain text files containing the raw data in tab-delimited form and sorted alphabetically and numerically. [99 kB each] and an update file containing corrections made since the first issue of 16 Jun 2010.
The reverse list is an internal document from 1968 and shows proposed charge groups as well as actual ones. Where only manual routing was possible there is no code against an exchange name. [3 MB]
The reverse list is an internal document from 1968 and shows proposed charge groups as well as actual ones. Where only manual routing was possible there is no code against an exchange name. [3 MB]
STD Code Book Bath 1969
STD Code Book Biggin Hill 1984
STD Code Book Bracknell CB 1967
STD Code Book Bridgwater 1965
STD Code Book Bude 1969 CB
STD Code Book Canterbury CB 1967
STD Code Book Haddenham 1984
STD Code Book Haywards Heath 1981
STD Code Book Isle of Wight, 1983
STD Code Book Lodge Hill 1965
STD Code Book London 1968
STD Code Book London 1982
STD Code Book Maidstone 1967
STD Code Book Reading 1965
STD Code Book Ryde, IOW 1979
STD Code Book Stevenage 1978
STD Code Book Shanklin 1967
STD Code Book Swindon 1967
STD Code Book Tunbridge Wells CB 1967
STD Code Book Tunbridge Wells 1976
For comparison, image scans of various other code books. The books dating from 1965 and earlier use the original letter codes. Reading 1965 Courtesy of Rob Grant. 12pp [798 kB]
Tunbridge Wells Book for 1976, Courtesy of Remco Enthoven, 48pp [3.0 MB]
The Haddenham book used to create the text versions above, 56pp. [2.5 MB].
Three from the collection of the late John Goldfinch: Stevenage 1978 50pp, [2.2 MB], Haywards Heath 1981 52pp [2.2 MB] and London 1982 56pp, 2.2 MB. Lodge Hill 1965 1.1MB from Kevin Sanderson.
Ryde 1979 and 1983 (renamed Isle of Wight), courtesy of Mike Ginger [2.4 MB & 2.7MB]
Bath 1969 1.2MB, Biggin Hill 1984 2.9 MB, Bracknell CB 1967 900 kB, Bridgwater 1965 1.1 MB, Bude 1969 1.7 MB, Canterbury CB 1967 1.9 MB, London 1968 1.4 MB, Maidstone 1967 2.5 MB, Shanklin IOW 1967 1.5 MB, Swindon 1967 880 kB, Tunbridge Well CB 1967 2.7 MB are from a source who preferred to remain anonymous.
CB = Call Box version
System X - The Way Ahead A lavishly illustrated booklet issued to introduce staff to the concept and practices of the new electronic exchange System X. 80 pages with many colour photographs making it a LARGE FILE 11.1 MB
Telecommunications Instructions
B2009 LST 10 (Kirk)
B2820 Keyphones
F1011 Doric
F1012 Harmony
H 5189 PO Type 19 Relay
M0045 Card Callmaker
Again very few of these remain in my collection.
B2009 LST 10 Loudspeaking Telephone No 10, LST 10 (Kirk). [332kB]
B2820 Keyphones Keyphones with Code C DC signalling. [82kB]
F1011 Doric Amplifier and Loudspekaer No 11A, Doric [26kB]
F1012 Harmony Amplifier and Loudspekaer No 12A, Harmony [145kB]
H5189 PO Type 19 Relay Description, labelling, numbering and adjustments for the Type 19 Relay [149kB]
M0045 Card Callmaker Marketing Instruction, Card Callmaker [140kB]
TE & Loop Resistance A 140. Transmission Equivalents and loop resistance of loaded and unloaded cable circuits. 30kB
Telegraph and Telephone Diagrams (Black Book) Complete
A booklet issued by the General Post Office, Telegraphs, in 1899 titled Connections of telegraphic and telephonic apparatus and circuits. Courtesy of Peter Cowley.
Subjects covered: Testing, ABC & single needle, single- and double-current, Railway block instruments, telephones (not till Page 153), switchboards and call offices. 249pp 14.4MB
Telephone Diagrams (Red Book)
Red Book complete
Red Book Part 1 Common Battery
Red Book Part 2 Common battery signalling
Red Book Part 3 Trunk circuits
Parts 4 5 & 6
A booklet issued by the General Post Office, Telegraphs, in 1909 titled Connections of telephonic apparatus and circuits.
Complete version 328pp 19 MB
Part 1 Common battery telephones 132pp 8.1 MB
Part 2 Common battery signalling 74pp 3.8 MB
Part 3 Trunk circuits 55pp 4.6 MB,
Part 4 House telephones, Part 5 Miscellaneous telephones and circuits & Part 6 Tables of currents and lists of telephones stocked 78pp 3.3 MB
Transit Switching Centres A table of the transit switching centres, showing which group switching centres they served. A transcription from Telecomms Instruction A6 G4002 Appendix 3 by Bill Sayer, to whom thanks. 375 kB
Training Course Notes
Telephony C
Telecomms Principles C
LTR training diagrams
Sets of the material issued to staff training at the Post Office Training Schools
Notes for City & Guilds 'Telephony C' examination 4.1 MB
Notes for 'Telecommuncations Principles C' exam3.6 MB
London Telecomms Region Training School course on telephony. 3.9 MB


Educational Pamphlets

These documents were issued by the BT Training Schools

Educational Pamphlets Draft Series
Electronics 1/2
Electronics 2/7
General 3/3
General 3/6
General 3/8
General 4/1
Radio 1/2
Telegraphy 4/1
Telegraphy 6/1
Telephones 1/1
Telephones 1/4
Telephones 2/1
Telephones 2/2
Telephones 2/6
Telephones 2/7
Telephones 3/1
Telephones 3/2
Telephones 3/4
Telephones 3/5
Telephones 3/10
Telephones 3/11
Telephones 3/19
Telephones 4/1
Telephones 4/3
Telephones 5/1
Telephones 5/2
Telephones 6/1
Telephones 6/2
Telephones 6/3
Telephones 6/4
Lines 3/4
Post Office educational pamphlets. An excellent introduction to telephony topics. Draft Series issued in typescript.
Electronics 1/2: Multi-electrode valves [832 kB]
Electronics 2/7: Push-pull Amplifiers [1.3 MB]
General 3/3: Lamps, Plugs, Lamp jack, and keys [1.1 MB]
General 3/6: electromagnetic Indicating Devices [2.0 MB]
General 3/8: Main and Intermediate Distribtion Frames [2.6 MB]
General 4/1: Electro-acoustic devices [1.6 MB]
Radio 1/2: Radio Communication Services [945 kB]
Telegraphy 4/1: The Teleprinter No 7 [1.7 MB]
Telegraphy 6/1: Facsimile Telegraphy [1.0 MB]
Telephones 1/1: Local and Central Battery Telephones [2.4 MB]
Telephones 1/4: Private manual branch exchanges (PMBXs) [5.3 MB]
Telephones 2/1: Manual Switching [2.6 MB]
Telephones 2/2: Magneto & C.B.S. Working [581 kB]
Telephones 2/6: Sleeve-control switchboards [975 kB]
Telephones 2/7: Sleeve-control line terminations [663 kB]
Telephones 3/1: Automatic Step System [1.5 MB]
Telephones 3/2: Subscribers' uniselector circuits [842 kB]
Telephones 3/4: Ordinary final selectors [1.5 MB]
Telephones 3/5: 200-outlet group selectors [868 kB]
Telephones 3/10: Auto to auto relay sets [2.9 MB]
Telephones 3/11: Director Multi-Exchange Areas [559 kB]
Telephnes 3/19: Testing and guarding circuits [1.5 MB]
Telephones 4/1: Uniselector Mechanisms [1.8 MB]
Telephones 4/3: 2000 type two-Motion Selector Mechanism [2.5 MB]
Telephones 5/1: Automatic telephone dials (courtesy of Bill Sayer) [766 kB]
Telephones 5/2: Loop-Disconnect Pulsing - Elementary Treatment [365 kB]
Telephones 6/1: An Outline of the Public Telephone System [2.7 MB]
Telephones 6/2: An Introduction to plant provision & traffic [991 kB]
Telephones 6/3: Telephone Traffic [683 kB]
Telephones 6/4: Trunking and Grading [1.4 MB]
Lines 3/4: Protective Devices used in telephone and telegraph lines (eg fuse, heat coils etc) [1.2 MB]
Educational Pamphlets Final Series
General 2/1
Technical Electricity 1/1
Telephones 1/1
Telephones 2/3
Telephones 2/4
Telephones 3/1
Post Office educational pamphlets. Final series, fully typeset.
General 2/1: Standard Graphical Symbols [1.6 MB]
Technical Electricity 1/1: The Telephone Relay [1.2 MB]
Telephones 1/1: The Trunk Demand Service [342 kB]
Telephones 2/3: Automatic Telephone Circuit Elements [1.5 MB]
Telephones 2/4: The Automatic Telephone Dial [387 kB]
Telephones 3/1: Automatic telephone- Non-Director Multi-Exchange Areas [515 kB]


Maintenance News

Maintenance News was a news and views magazine for all telecommunications plant maintenance staff. It ran from 1973 to 1985. Published by Telecomms Headquarters, originally three times, but later twice a year.

Maintenance News 1
Maintenance News 2
Maintenance News 3
Maintenance News 4
Maintenance News 5
Maintenance News 6
Maintenance News 7
Maintenance News 8
Maintenance News 9
Maintenance News 10
Maintenance News 11
Maintenance News 12
Maintenance News 13
Maintenance News 14
Maintenance News 15
Maintenance News 16
Maintenance News 17
Maintenance News 18
Maintenance News 19
Maintenance News 20
Maintenance News 21
Maintenance News 22
Maintenance News 23
Maintenance News 24
Maintenance News 25
Maintenance News 26
Maintenance News Index
No 1, Spring 1973. 1.6 MB
No 2, Summer 1973. 1.6 MB
No 3, Autumn-Winter 1973. 1.9 MB
No 4, Spring 1974. 1.5 MB
No 5, Summer 1974. 3.2 MB
No 6, Autumn-Winter 1974. 3.0 MB
No 7, Spring 1975. 2.9 MB
No 8, Autumn 1975. 2.0 MB
No 9, Spring 1976. 1.9 MB
No 10, Autumn 1976. 2.1 MB
No 11, Spring 1977. 1.5 MB
No 12, Autumn 1977. 1.8 MB
No 13, Spring 1978. 2.0 MB
No 14, Spring 1979. 2.6 MB
No 15, Autumn 1979 2.1 MB
No 16, Spring 1980, 2.6 MB
No 17, Autumn 1980, 1.8 MB
No 18, Spring 1981, 1.2 MB
No 19, Autumn 1981 1.3 MB
No 20, Spring-Summer 1982, 944 kB
No 21, Autumn-Winter 1982, 994 kB
No 22, Spring-Summer 1983, 1.0 MB
No 23, Autumn-Winter 1983, 898 kB
No 24, Spring-Summer 1984, 838 kB
No 25, Autumn-Winter 1984, 743 kB
No 26, Spring-Summer 1985, 1.1 MB
Index, Issue 1 1981, 405 kB


Technical Pamphlets for Workmen

A series of very informative booklets for Post Office staff. First published in 1919 and revised and reprinted up until the mid 1930s. Most are courtesy of Andy Banthorpe. Others from Mike Tyrrell and Hywel Clatworthy

Group A General
A1 Magnetism and Electricity
A2 Primary Batteries
A3 Technical Terms
A4 Test Boards
A5 Protective Fittings
A6 Measuring & Testing Insts
A7 Sensitivity of Apparatus
A8 Standard List of Terms
A9 Standard Graphical Symbols
A1 Magnetism and Electricity looks at the fundamental principles behind the telegraph and telephone. 1934 edition [1.4 MB]
A2 Primary Batteries explains the principle behind the Leclanché cell and it's derivative, the dry cell. Advice on maintenance and testing follows. 1936 edition [1 MB]
A3 Technical Terms is a glossary of the terms used in both telegraphy and telephony. 1929 edition. [1.5 MB]
A4 Test Boards is about the test facilities provided at exchanges for testing the incoming circuits. 1919 edition with 1928 updates. [1 MB]
A5 Protective Fittings covers lightnig protectors, heat coils, fuses and their mountings. 1935 edition. [1 MB]
A6 Measuring & Testing Instruments 1934 edition. [2.3 MB]
A7 Sensitivity of Apparatus defines the current characteristics of various types of telegraph instrument followed by a section about the variosu types of relay unsed in telephony. 1926 edition with corrections to 1932. [1.8 MB]
A8 Standard List of Terms and Definitions used in Telegraphy and Telephony. A compendious document of 54 pages divided into subject sections followed by and alphabetic index. 1934 edition. [1.8 MB]
A9 Standard Graphical Symbols Describes itself as a reprint of BS 530-1934, which must have been the forerunner of BS 3939, and the subsequent BS EN 60617. 1934 edition. [825 kB]
Group B Telegraphy
B1 Elementary Principles
B2 Telegraph Concentrators
B3 Morse Keyboard Perforators
B4 Quadruplex and Repeaters
B5 The Hughes Printing Telegraph
B6 The Baudot Multiplex System
B7 W. Electric Multiplex System

The Telegraphy group are mostly self-explanatory. There are brief descriptions for each in the repository's Telegraphy section.

[B1 346 kB, B2 1.3 MB, B3 1.8 MB, B4 334 kB, B5 395 kB, B6 349 kB, B6 556 kB]
Group C Wireless
C1 Wireless TX & RX
C2 Interference with Reception
The Wireless group reminds us that the Post Office was responsible for tracing interference to radio broadcasts. C2 gives sound advice about sources of interference and methods of curing them
C1 Wireless Transmission and Reception [2.9 MB]
C2 Interference with Reception of Broadcasting [1.2 MB]
Group D Telephony
D1 Elementary Principles
D3 Exchange Signals
D4 Mag Exchs Non-Mult
D5 Mag Exchs Mult
D11 CB Exchs 22 V
D13 Trunk Exchs
D14 Maintenance Man Exchs
D15 Tele Test Equipment
D16 Routine Test Man Exchs
D17 Int Cabling & Wiring
D18 Dis Cases etc
D19 Cord Repairs
D20 Superposed Ccts etc
D22 Units Amplifying
This group refers generally to manual telephony.
D1 Elementary Principles of Telephony [1.4 MB]
D3 Principles of Telephone Exchange Signals [941 kB]
D4 Magneto Exchanges Non-Multiple Type [2.0 MB]
D5 Magneto Exchanges Multiple Type [756 kB]
D11 CB Exchanges 22 Volts [1.3 MB]
D13 Trunk Telephone Exchanges [1.3 MB]
D14 Maintenance of Manual Telephone Exchanges [824 kB]
D15 Telephone Testing Equipment [2.0 MB]
D16 Rountine Testing for Manual Telephone Exchanges [1.2 MB]
D17 Internal Cabling and Wiring [650 kB]
D18 Distribution Cases, MDF and IDF [1.1 MB]
D19 Cord Repairs Both Instrument and Switchboard Cords [2.0 MB]
D20 Superposed Circuits, Transformers, Bridging Coils and Retardation Coils [802 kB]
D22 Units Amplifying [2.6 MB]
Group E Automatic Telephony
E2 CCI Working
E3 Keysending "B" Posns
Automatic Telephony never really got going with the Technical Pamphlets. Apart from E1 'Automatic Telephony' these two were the only ones ever issued, as far as I know.
E2 Coded Call Indicator Working [1.6 MB]
E3 Keysending "B" Positions [1.5 MB]
Group F Subscribers Apparatus
F1 Subs Apps - Common Battery
F2 Subs Apps - CBS No 1 System
F3 Subs Apps - Magneto System
F3 Appendix N-Diagrams
F4 PBXs CB System
F5 PBXs CB Mult No 9
F6 PBXs Magneto
F7 House Tele Systems
F8 Wiring of Subs' Premises
Covers everything from telephones to private branch exchanges (PBXs).
F1 Subscribers' Apparatus - Common Battery System [910 kB]
F2 Subscribers' Apparatus - C.B.S. No 1 System [1.3 MB]
F3 Subscribers' Apparatus - Magneto System [1 MB] Appendix of N-Diagrams [1MB]
F4 Private Branch Exchanges - Common Battery System [1.5 MB]
F5 Private Branch Exchanges - C.B. Multiple No 9 [973 kB]
F6 Private Branch Exchanges - Magneto System [1.2 MB]
F7 House Telephone Systems [457 kB]
F8 Wiring of Subscribers' Premises Digital recreation from Hywel Clatworthy's original. [375 kB]
Group G Power
G1 Mtce Secondary Cells
G2 Power Plant for Telecomms
G3 Mtce of Power Plant
G4 Telegraph Power Dis Boards
G1 Maintenance of Secondary Cells [713 kB]
G2 Power Plant for Telegraph and Telephony Purposes [1.1 MB]
G3 Maintenance of Power Plant for Telegraph and Telephony Purposes [2.2 MB]
G4 Telegraph Battery Power Distribution Boards [1.5 MB]
Group H Lines
H1 Open Line Constructn Pt 1
H2 Open Line Constructn Pt 2
H3 Open Line Maintce
H4 U/G Constructn Conduits
H5 U/G Constructn Cables
H6 U/G Maintenance
H7 Cable Balancing
H8 Power Circuit Guarding
H9 Electrolytic Action
H10 Conductor Constants
H1 Open Line Construction Part 1 wooden pole practices, insulators etc [926 kB]
H2 Open Line Construction Part 2 wiring, tools, terminations, jointing, etc [874 kB]
H3 Open Line Maintenance [812 kB]
H4 Underground Construction Part 1 - Conduits [1.4 MB]
H5 Underground Construction Part 2 - Cables [1.7 MB]
H6 Underground Maintenance [719 kB]
H7 Cable Balancing Avoiding capacitive unbalance - pair transpositions etc [540 kB]
H8 Power Circuit Guarding Protection against overhead power lines [849 kB]
H9 Electrolytic Action on Cable Sheaths Causes of corrosion and counter measures [784 kB]
H10 Constants of Conductors Used for Telegraph & Telephone Purposes [710 kB]
Group I Submarine & K Miscellaneous
I1 Submarine Cables
K3 Heating Systems
K4 Pneumatic Tubes
A few oddments at the end of the series
I1 Submarine Cables For those working on Cable Ships [772 kB]
K3 Heating Systems Covers (briefly) water and steam systems [618 kB]
K4 Pneumatic Tube Systems House Systems as used in shops for carrying cash and Ticket Despatch systems used in telephone exchanges [1.9 MB]


Educational Material

Art of Telecommunications
A set of six postcards produced by BT Group Archives showing examples of artwork commissioned from 1934 for publicity posters to promote the telephone service. 1.7MB
BT Group Archives

BT Archives Image Gallery PCs
Tri-fold booklet introducing the BT Group Archives, the corporate memory for the BT Group of companies. Part of the Connected Earth project launch. 2002 766 kB
Some postcards issued by BT Archives contrasting period photos with more modern views. 890 kB
BT Tower
Glossy brochure about the history and function of the tower. PHME 39434 20 pp 2001 4.6MB
Connected Earth (Large)
Connected Earth (Small)
Connected Earth publicity PCs
Connected Earth postcards
Two booklets from 2001 on the launch of BT's Connected Earth Project. "An exciting development in the evolution of heritage-based education." Large glossy booklet 12pp 5.2MB. Small, fold-out booklet 8pp 1.9MB
Publicity postcards: Connected Earth artefact catalogue and Connected Earth Podcasts
Set of four postcards of historic images fancifully coloured. Issued as part of the Connected earth project in 2002. 1MB
Connecting telephones to the system Diagram of how phones are connected. Neil Johannessen writes: "It is something that the Post Office produced. But it has absolutely no identification markings one it, anywhere.It's about 500mm wide by 380mm high, single sided, and is printed on a thin but stiff card. Think cereal packet cardboard. So not a poster, as such, but something intended for display on a wall, somehow!". Liza Kinch writes, "the Postal Archive has this collection of rather beautiful A2 educational posters by the artist Edgar Longman," and attached a scan of the set "The Post Office Telephone Service" shown below. 258kB
History of the Telephone Instrument A wall poster produced by British Telecom for use in schools. It shows various stages in the development of telephone instruments culminating in the push-button telephone. Original is 860x510mm; this scan is reduced to A3 size.Similar to the one in the series of wall charts below.  Tele Ed 55 998 kB
The History of the Telephone A later wall poster for use in schools. It shows key milestones and dates in the development of telephony up until the early mobiles. Original is 836x590mm (nearly A1); this scan is reduced to A3 size  1.6 MB
The Language of Success Saying the right things at the right time. An A5 booklet from BT in 1991 that offers advice on making the most of your telephone calls both at work and at home. Courtesy of Mike Tyrrell. 36 pages 965 kB
Important dates
Important dates in the history of telecommunications. Produced by BT Archives in typescript. Covers the period 1753 to 1988. 521 kB
Names & Dates for Students Lavishly illustrated history of telecommunications giving the significant events from 1500 to the 1980s with a short paragraph on each along with pictures of the personalities. Published in 1984. 20 pages 4.1 MB
Optical Fibres
A booklet prepared for the Telecom Technology Showcase explains the advantages over copper, the benefits for digital communications and network progress to 1982. 394 kB
Our Post Office
An earlier booklet written by Mary F. Moore - companion to the Telegraph & Telephone Service. Artist R.C. Smith. Covers the postal system: Post Office, value for money, The journey of a letter poster, Travelling Post Office and the Post Office Railway. SPB 1 (2) 60pp 1958 6.7MB
Our Telegraph and Telephone Service
A booklet written by Mary F. Moore explaining in simple terms how the telegraph and telephones systems work and telling about jobs in the Post Office for telephonists and engineers. SPB 2 (1) 60pp 1962 6.3 MB
Prestel A booklet prepared for the Telecom Technology Showcase. Prestel was an online database system accessed from an early home computer - the one in the picture is a BBC Model B - with a modem and a TV set as a display. 1982 300kB
The Post Office Telephone Service Posters
A series of posters commissioned from the artist Edgar Longman showing various aspects of the GPO service, from telephone through exchanges to international submarine and radio links. 4.2 MB
The Post Office Tower
A souvenir brochure on sale to visitors in the first few years when the tower was open to the public, priced two shillings and sixpence. PH 1097 4/67 14.6MB
Public telephones A 32-page booklet for schools telling the history of public phones from the early silence cabinets to the modern designs of the 1980s. Terrific pictures. ES 59a 4/85 12 MB
Satellite Communications
A booklet prepared for the Telecom Technology Showcase. A short history of the development of satellite communications and the Post Office's involvement. Goonhilly Down earth station is described and the services available by satellite link. 1982 368kB
Since the first penny dropped
A history of British payphones produced in 1999. 36 colourful pages tell the story from the earliest 'silence cabinet' to modern cardphones and emails. PHME 33960 1999 4MB
Sounds, Signals and the Telephone Sounds, Signals and the Telephone is subtitled 'A teaching resource for science and physics, Key Stage 3'. It explains the principle behind various communication methods and gives some practical experiments to demonstrate them. ES 72 1/94 24pp 10 MB
Telecomm Technology Showcase Postcards
The former BT museum, the Telecomm Technology Showcase sold various postcards with a comms theme. Here are some showing telecomm workers and other greetings cards with a telephone theme. 1.8MB
The Story of the Telephone A lavishly illustrated 47-page educational booklet issued for use in schools. It dates from the 1970s. Tele Ed 3  14 MB
Using the telephone
A leaflet for students, probably aimed at secondary school level. Tele Ed 4 (3) 921kB
Wall charts for Schools
A collection of transparencies for wall charts for schools prepared for Post Office Telecommunications in the mid 1970s. Depicting aspects of telecomms from trunk dialling to satellite communications and undersea cables. Intended to be printed at about A1 size. 18 MB


Sales & Marketing Material

From 1962 onwards the Post Office published a series of Descriptive Leaflets. A representative set of these are presented on the Sales Literature Page

In addition Publicity Handouts were produced by the GPO and later Post Office Telephones with the prefix PH. These described a single product or service and were given out freely by the sales department. Later issues from British Telecom used the prefix PHME, though some of these were actual user handbooks and not publicity material. Those that have come my way or were given to the THG are presented on the Sales Literature PH Series

Just to confuse matters sales literature has appeared with other prefixes and some with no reference number at all. The ones I have accumulated are further down the same page at Other Sales Literature


Greeting telegrams PK 15. Greetings by the new de Luxe Telegraph Service - for use in Frame Notice 29 in a kiosk 594 kB
Savings Bank PK 26. Save through the Post Office Savings Bank - for use in Frame Notice 29 in a kiosk 594 kB
Savings Bank PK 28. A safe place for your savings - The Post Office Savings Bank - for use in Frame Notice 29 in a kiosk (poor quality) 594 kB
Cheap rate calls PK 36. Every night 6pm to 6 am, Cheap Rate Trunk Calls, All day Sunday - for use in a kiosk 115 kB
Directory Enquiries PK 205. If you have to ring Directory Enquiries - for use in Frame Notice 29 in a kiosk 247 kB
Always at your service PR 360-3. Always at your service. Image of candlestick phone design by Austin Cooper. Repro for the Telecom Technology Showcase 96 kB
A speaking investment PR 360-5. The telephone - a speaking investment. Particulars at counter Image of candlestick and businessman. Repro for the Telecom Technology Showcase 121 kB
A telephone in your home PR 360-6. A telephone in your home - simple in use, efficient in service. Repro for the Telecom Technology Showcase 97 kB
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