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Descriptive Leaflet (DL) Series

The Descriptive Leaflets series is the oldest of the type. Some started life in the 1960s with a GPO branding. The latest were issued in the 1980s by British Telecom.

DLA 1 Extension arrangements & press-button systems charges - October  1970 217kB
DLA 100
Extension Arrangements Plans 1 1A & 4 - Apr 1977 511kB
DLA 101 Extension Plans 2 & 2A - February 1979 255 kB
DLA 102
DLA 102 Extension arrangement Plan 4 - March 1973 249 kB
DLA 103 Extension Phones 107 & 105 - May 1981 483 kB
DLA 104 Extension arrangements Plan 9 September 1971 200 kB
DLA 105  Extension arrangement Plan 12A - June 1973 259 kB
DLA 106  Extension arrangements Plans 108 & 108A - June 1973 225 kB
DLA 120 House Exchange System Keymaster (1+5) - September 1974 488 kB
DLA 121 House Exchange System (2+10) - July 1966 193 kB
DLA 122 Keymaster (2+10) - January 1978 530 kB
DLB 200
Subscriber Controlled Transfer of Telephone Calls - March 1979 408 kB
DLB 202 Confravision - September 1978 480 kB
DLC 1 Private Manual Branch Exchanges Index & charges - October 1970 247 kB
DLC 300 Private Manual Branch Exchanges 2+6 3+12 4+18 - August 1981 710 kB
DLC 301 Private Manual Branch Exchange 3+12 - March 1973 468 kB
DLC 302 Private Manual Branch Exchange 4+18 - 03-73  452 kB
DLC 320 Private Manual Branch Exchanges Panel-mounted 5+25 - August 1973 307 kB
DLC 330 PMBX 4 Multiple Position - November 1978 427 kB
DLC 331 PMBX 4 Single Positon - September 1981 253 kB
DLC 340 Premiere Call Connect System - October 1981 428 kB
DLD 1 Private Automatic Branch Exchanges Charges - November 1970 86 kB
DLD 400 Private Automatic Branch Exchanges (PABXs) - January 1968 1.6 MB
DLD 401 Private Automatic Branch Exchange No 5 - xx 1962 384 kB
DLD 402 Private Automatic Branch Exchange 6 - July 1966 500 kB
DLD 411 Private Automatic Branch Exchange PABX 1 - August 1978 488 kB
DLD 412 Private Automatic Branch Exchange 2 PABX 2 - June 1973 389 kB
DLD 415 Private Automatc Branch Exchange 5 - January 1978 450 kB
DLD 416 Private Automatic Branch Exchange 6 (PABX 6) - August 1979 555 kB
DLD 417 Private Automatic Branch Exchange 7 (PABX 7) - February 1980 406 kB
DLE 1 Telephone Apparatus Index & Charges - January 1973 118 kB
DLE 500 Types of Telephone - March 1982 716 kB
DLE 501
Explosive Atmosphere Telephones - Feb 1978 215kB
DLE 502
Large PABX Keyphones DC "C" and MF - Jan 1978 384kB
DLE 504
Special Range telephones - Feb 1981 322kB
DLE 510 Loudspeaking Telephone No 1 - November 1965 806 kB
DLE 511 Loudspeaking Telephone No 3 -  xx 1962 380 kB
DLE 512 Loudspeaking Telephone 4 - January 1982 340 kB
DLE 512A Loudspeaking Telephone 4E (Conference-Modified) - April 1979 393 kB
DLE 520 Answering Machines 1 and 2 - March 1979 228 kB
DLE 521 Answering Machine 3 - October 1981 233 kB
DLE 525 Answering Recording Machine 101A - August 1981 360 kB
DLE 530 Payphones - February 1980 530 kB
DLE 531 Portable Pay-on-answer Coin-box - February 1970 656 kB
DLE 540 Customers Metering Facilities - May 1975 258 kB
DLE 550  Help for Handicapped People - January 1981 1.1 MB
DLE 561 Tape Callmaker - August 1978 251 kB
DLE 562 Card Callmaker - July 1978 306 kB
DLE 563 XL Callmaker - February 1980 294 kB
DLE 564 X-Press Callmaker - August 1980 345 kB
DLE 565 TD Callmaker - August 1979 373 kB
DLE 566 Mono Callmaker - May 1980 375 kB
DLE 570 Telephone-call Signalling Devices - November 1973 531 kB
DLE 580 Key and Lamp Units -October 1981 750 kB
DLE 581 Telephone Broadcast Suites - December 1966 423 kB
DLE 590
Speakersets 1 and 2 - January 1978 434 kB
DLE 591 Speakerset 2 - Febraury 1972 298 kB
DLF 1 Private Communication Services - April 1972 76 kB
DLF 600 Private Circuits - December 1979 243 kB
DLF 601 Closed Circuit Television Facilities - January 1981 474 kB
DLF 650 Internal telephone System - June 1979 427 kB
DLG 1 Telex Service index & charges - March 1973 73 kB
DLG 7 Telex Service - May 1977 247 kB
DLG 700 Telex Service Standard Installation - June 1973 493 kB
DLG 701 Telex Service with Automatic Transmitter - January 1969 564 kB
DLG 702 Basic Telex with Teleprinter 15 - November 1978 626 kB
DLG 703 Telex with Teleprinter 15 having Automatic Transmission  - November 1978 644 kB
DLG 704 Console-mounted Teleprinter 15 - August 1980 436 kB
DLG 705 Teleprinter 30A Receive-only Teleprinter - February 1979 364 kB
DLG 706 Teleprinter 23B-50 Semi-Electronic - September 1981 194
DLH 801 Private Teleprinter Service - April 1975 241 kB
DLI 820 International Private Circuits - September 1979 306 kB
DLT 1 General Index (of DL sheets) - June 1969 114 kB
DLT 100 Telegram Service - August 1981 966 kB
DLX 1 Telephone Service - October 1972 414 kB
DLX 2 Telex Service - December 1977 279 kB
DLX 3 Descriptive Leaflet Index - December 1981 175 kB
DLX 4 Charges for Telephone & Telex Service & Apparatus - November 1981 317 kB
DLX 5 DLX 5 Telephones for businesses - December 1976 856 kB
DLZ 9 Datel Services - April 1981 256 kB
DLZ 902 Datel 200 Service - August 1980 457 kB
DLZ 904 Datel 600 Service - April 1977 309 kB
DLZ 905 Datel 2400 service - May 1976 281 kB
DLZ 907 Datel 48K service - May 1976 264 kB
DLZ 908 International Datel Services - July 1982 247 kB
DLZ 910 Datel Services Dataplex 2 - September 1974 350 kB
DLZ 911 Datel Services Control 200A - September 1974 402 kB
DLZ 912 Datel Services Control 2400 - September 1974 285 kB
DLZ 915 Multipoint Circuits for Data Transmission - November 1978 401 kB
DLZ 916 Datel 2412 Service - April 1977 435 kB
DLZ 922 Datel Service 9600 - April 1981 574 kB

Publicity Handouts (PH & PHME series)

The publicity handouts started out with the prefix PH, but at some indeterminate date they were replaced by PHME. The BT Archive index shows 'Leaflets: PHME (Post Handlng Material execusion)' whose meaning is unclear.


Number & Title
PH 10 Herald Call Connect System
The first in a new range of small telephone systems for the office — select from a wide range of attractive features and a system is tailored to your own individual needs. 4/81 1.5 MB
PH 17 You are wanted on the telephone
The telephone of to-day is not a luxury. lt may well be a necessity. It will almost certainly be an economy. It will save you
money and may earn you money. It will save you from wasting time and money on journeys, when a telephone message would do as well. (1936) 8pp 1.2 MB
PH 201 The telephone in colour The hand-microphone is the latest type of telephone - shapely in form and convenient in use. It combines grace of line with efficiency in working and looks equally well in the home or in the office. In the home it makes a decorative and useful
addition to any room. It is ideal as a bedside telephone. 692kB
PH 213 Extension telephones are worth while
Promoting the use of Extension telephones in the home, or in business 253 kB
PH  652 Reduced Telephone Charges
In October 1936 the Post Office reduced charges for both private and business customers. Private customers were granted a number of free calls every quarter. 358kB
PH 983 Freefone Introducing the service that allows customers, clients, agents or employees to call you free of charge 10/60 316 kB
PH 1020 Are you getting the most out of Telex? What TELEX can do for you. As a telex customer, you have at your service a modern means of communication combining the speed of the telephone with the accuracy of the printed word. 10/63 1.33 MB
PH 1029 The GPO Speakerset No 2
Amplified hands-free telephone unit. 10/63 2 MB
PH 1035 Choose your modern telephone Illustrating the multiple colours of the 706 telephone range. 1/84 598 kB
PH 1044 Connecting you to the exchange
" are in one of the few areas in which we cannot yet provide telephone service on demand." The Post Office explains why, in some areas, it could not meet the demands of the growing population. 11/64. 624 kB
PH 1097 The Post Office Tower A souvenir brochure on sale to visitors in the first few years when the tower was open to the public, priced two shillings and sixpence. 42pp 4/67 14.6MB
PH 1151 The dial telephone
This leaflet has been written to help you to make the best use of your dial telephone 3/67 1.1 MB
PH 1167 Amplifying telepone handset
When you use the telephone you should be able to hear clearly. Our amplifying telephone may  meet your need. 3/68 326 kB
PH 1510 Modern telephones
Illustrates the 700 series of telephones in various colours used different situations for home and work. 10/68 907 kB
PH 1513a Telephone Companion Booklet PH 1513a the Telephone Companion. 32 page full colour booklet from 1967 isued to all new telephone subscribers. Details of how to use the telphone, all about call charges, various services available, overseas calls. Illustrated with cartoons by Edward McLachlan. 11/67 5.4 MB
PH 1529(a) Two plans to expand your business
The Plan 105 107 is the ideal installation for the shopkeeper/ business. 3/68 743 kB
PH 1531 LST 4
Loudspeaking telephone No4. The new approach to executive communication. 10/68 298 kB
PH 1667 The Trimphone Trimphone - A glossy foldout extolling the virtues of this iconic design and showing the various colour options. 05/70 660 kB
PH 1675(a) Telephone Charges
Telephone charges from 1 July 1970 545 kB
PH 1675 Talking points
Extensions - a talking point for every room. Once you're on the phone it doesn't cost much to extend the service to anywhere in the house. 07/70 545 kB
PH 1677 The Card callmaker Operating Telex - The card callmaker. Description & instructions for card callmaker 10/73 376 kB
PH 1711 Telex it ... and at once they have it in print. Telex will increase the efficiency of your organisation, speed communications, improve your customer service. Ease language and time difficulties with contacts overseas. 3/71 432kB
PH 1713(a) Telephone charges
Telephone charges from 8/71 48 kB
PH 1713 We've got plans for your business
Extension plans 105 and 107. Plans that will smooth the way- make you more efficient, even more business-like and save both time and money. 8/71 1.3 MB
PH 1748 Private Automatic Branch Exchange
Small flyer for a 5+20 PABX with no attendant. 9/72 267 kB
PH 1749 Get your numbers taped
Tape callmaker. Repertory dialler stores numbers on magnetic tape. 618 kB
PH 1752 Telephone Companion (2) Later edition of the Telephone Companion. 28 page full colour booklet from 1973. Details of how to use the telphone, how calls are charged, directories, special and information services, international services, additional equipment, aids for the handicapped. 2.8 MB
PH 1770 The new Keyphone
The push-button 700 series Telephone No 756. 202 kB
PH 1785 Telephone Charges
Telephone charges from January 1973 202 kB
PH 1803 There's a phone message inside No phone in your home? You can have one now. Aren't you missing something rather valuable? With a telephone you can chat to friends and make last minute arrangements.You can keep in touch with the family... 05/75 553kB
PH 1962 Keyphone
The phone with the modern touch. Push-button 700 series telephone No 756 150 kB
PH 2046 Telextras Telextras! Optinal facilities for Telex users. Automatic Transmission, Card Callmaker, Call Unit Printout. 03/77 838 kB
PH 2364 CDSS 1
Leaflet produced in 1978 for Telecom 79 conference in Geneva promoting what would become the Monarch digital PABX. 848 KB
PH 2412 Green pages
We're here to help you. Booklet stitched into telephone directories with information about call services, sales material for telephones attachments and  business services. 06/78 2 MB
PH 2431 Compact Telephone The Compact telephone is designed to fit happily on shelves and window sills 814 kB
PH 2433 The Ericofon 700
The Ericofon 700 is the world's first solid-state, one-piece telephone. It's compact, light and distinctive in design with a pleasant electronic calling-tone. 341 kB
PH 2434 The Astrofon
A modern electronic push-button telephone with a pleasing functional design. The clear lines and striking colours of this telephone bring that touch of distinction to the modern home. 350 kB
PH 2435 The Contempra
The attractive modern style of the Contcmpra Telephone wi II be at home in any sort of setting - whether it be in the lounge or at the office. As a special feature. the 'Contempra' has its dial built into the handset, which has an extra long cord. 369 KB
PH 2436 Doric Loudspeaking Telephone
The 'Doric' is a new, neat instrument which gives the freedoms telephone users so often need at home, in the office, shop or factory. Freedom to use both hands to do all those things which are awkward, if not impossible, with one. 536 kB
PH 2437 Answering Machine 3
Ideal for distributing information to the public or personnel. Callers can be advised when or where to contact you if you are out or busy. Announcements can be changed as frequently as required to suit your circumstances. Your voice adds a personal touch to the recorded announcement. 533 kB
PH 2521 The Mickey Mouse
Combines today's technology with one of the world's most famous and loveable cartoon characters to brighten your calls. This is positively not a toy. This make-believe mouse which is manufactured by Plessey Telecommunications Ltd., is a real telephone. 346 kB
PH 2522 The Classic
This distinctive telephone is fashioned after a classic design of the past. the 'Classic' comes in black or white, complete with brass trim. !ls elegant lines will bring style and grace to any home. 369 kB
PH 2523 The Deltaphone
Combines the style of the Trimphone with the distinction ofrnal leather. This new luxuTious version of our popular lightweight telephone has all the special Trimphone features and can be installed as a main telephone or as an extension around the home. 395 kB
PH 2524 The Candlestick
Whether you remember the 1920s or not, you are sure to recognise this distinctive style of telephone. The Candlestick Telephone has been brought up-to-date with modern technology and can now bring grace to your home. 372 kB
PH 2525 Special range telephones For our customers who want something a little out of the ordinary. Astrofon, Contempra, Ericofon etc
PH 2870 Loudspeaking telephones for the '80s
Harmony can be associated with any telephone to 'convert' is into a loudspeaking telephone. Loudspekaing Telephone No 8 (LST 8) The latest telephone suitable for use wit all types fo PBX equipment. 362 kB
PH 2904 The Monarch 120
An advanced digital switching system designed to meet modern business needs through the1980s. 1 MB
PH 3016 The Regent Call Connect System
A compact new stored program control system from British Telecom designed to meet modern business requirements throughout the 1980s. 1.1 MB
PH 3075 Proteus internal telephone system
PROTEUS is a British Telecom internal telephone system which uses the latest solid-state technology. 362 kB
PH 3091 Phone sockets from BT
Instead of fixing telephones permanently into position we now install phone sockets where you want them in your home. 146 kB
PH 3127 Get plugged in
Promoting the use of the plug and socket provided by the New Plan Wiring. 1.9 MB
PH 3129 Sceptre 100 Telephone
Tomorrow's Sceptre 100, the latest in advanced telephone technology from British Telecom, offers you the features and facilities you've come to expect from life in the '80s. Callmaker, clock, time, repeat last number. 528 kB
PH 3158 IDA - Integrated Digital Access IDA is a wholly new telecommunications concept bringing new capability to the service British Telecom offers. 361 kB
PH 3235 Monarch call connect system
Monarch is one of British Telecom's range of business call-connect systems. Its digital design incorporates the latest in microprocessor technology and it offers facilities previously found only in far larger systems. 410 kB
PH 3266 The Senator Call Connect System
The Senator call-connect system from British Telecom. There is now a better way to control 5 lines, 10 extensions and the efficient running of your office: Senator. 378 kB
PH 3335 Herald 100B Call Connect System
Herald 100B call-connect system from British Telecom. Herald is probably the most successful of the new generation of business call connect systems. Its compact design; virtually silent operation; the power and versatility of its facilities; its striking new terminals. 440 kB

PHME 3 The Eiger Telephone
The Eiger by Gfeller Telecommunications. A strikingly attractive one-piece press-button telephone, the Eiger incorporates a 'memory button' which when pressed automatically recalls the last number called. 311 kB
PHME 7 The Kirk loudspeaking telephone
The latest in the range of loudspeaking telephones the Kirk brings you the benefit of hands-free telephone communication.
PHME 8 Extenions phones make life easier
Extension phones enable you to make and receive calls from more than one room in your home.
PHME 10 Herald Call Connect System
The first in a new range of small telephone systems for the office - select from a wide range of attractive features and a system is tailored to your own individual needs. By using the very latest electronic advances, the Herald offers tomorrows world technology to solve todays communications problems. 742 kB
PHME 11 Ambassador telephone
The new Ambassador telephone is not only a most attractive design but it includes facilities and features not found in conventional models. Designed for both business and residential use, the Ambassador is easy to use and is flexible in operation. 402 kB
PHME 12 Press-button telephones The phones with the modern touch. 700-series and Trimphone with press-button calling. 208 kB
PHME 15 Callmakers
A range of repertory diallers: X-press, TD, XL, Card, tape, Mono - callmaker.
PHME 18 The Astrofon The Astrofon by Thorn-Ericsson. Part of the Special Range of telephones 335 kB
PHME 20 The Candlestick Not very convincing replica of the Tele 150. Part of the Special Range of telephones 430 kB
PHME 21 The Dawn Dawn from Northern Telecom Part of the Special Range of telephones 436 kB
PHME 22 The Eiger One-piece telephone by Gfeller. Part of the Special Range of telephones 532 kB
PHME 23 The Contempra Heavy desk telephone with a real bell & curious dial. Part of the Special Range of telephones 547 kB
PHME 24 The Ericofon 600 One-piece style icon with a dial. Part of the Special Range of telephones 540 kB
PHME 25 The Ericofon 700 One-piece style icon with press-button calling. Part of the Special Range of telephones 294 kB
PHME 27 The Mickey Mouse Novelty Disney character as a phone. Part of the Special Range of telephones 550 kB
PHME 28 SL-1 Featurephone
An electronic telephone supplied exclusively by British Telecom to SL-1 PABX owners to provide customers designed call feature operation, tailored to individual user requirements.
PHME 29 The Rhapsody Angular table phone from GTE. Part of the Special Range of telephones. (The music is Anitra's Dance from the Peer Gynt suite by Grieg) 490 kB
PHME 31 The Customised Astrofon Different coloured covers for the Astrofon. 412 kB
PHME 33 Ambassador loudspeaking telephone
The Ambassador collection from British Telecom introduces a new concept in office communications. Loudspeol~ing telephones enable you to have both  hands free - so you con carry on o telephone conversation while dealing with other immediate matters. 459 kB
PHME 34 Ambassador Answering machine
Answering machines allow calls to be answered in your absence with a pre-recorded announcement with the additionla benefit of alowing callers to leave a message. 534 kB
PHME 35 Ambassador Call maker
Call makers store the telephone numbers that you use frequently and will dial them for you at the touch of a button. 533 kB
PHME 100 The Viscount
Viscount - a new fully electronic telephone. Viscount's low profile sleek lines. designed for elegance and durability, offer up-to-the-minute technology consistent with the  80s.
PHME 103 The Table-top Payphone 100
Renter's payphone for use by small businesses, pubs, clubs and restaurants. 1.4 MB
PHME 107 Minimaster 1
The adding of extension telephones  is now a simple, inexpensive exercise with Minimaster 1. Exchange line access, no operator, intercom between extensions. 451 kB
PHME 517 The phone handbook
Or how to go about choosing, changing, renting, buying or installing a phone. History of the British telephone system. Installation, choice of phones and accessories for home or business. 11/86 2MB
PHME 886 The Venue Memory phone with clock/ calendar. 595 kB
PHME 964 The Tribune Available in white, red and charcoal. a stylish addition to BT's range. 555 kB
PHME 1652 Telephones for your home
For only a little extra a month, a telephone can be on hand in any part of the house. In this book you can see the complete range of telephones. The many different colours enable you to match your home's decorating scheme. 1970 3MB
PHME1737 Your guide to the new London Codes Explains the 071- 081- codes introduced in  1990 with a complete list showing which exchanges were in which area code. 05/90 905 kB
PHME 4180 Herald Upgrade
Bringing your Herald phone system right up to date. Update to the Herald small office key system from TMC. 2.1 MB
PHME 6575 Payphones for Business
A BT payphone could help you to increase sales, because customers won't have to leave your premises to make a phone call. 3.9 MB
PHME 7272 The Language of Success
Produced by BT to offer helpful, practical advice on making the most of  your telephone calls, both at work and at home.
PHME 9747 In touch Spring/Summer 1992
The latest products and services from BT. A complete new selection of phones. Cordless freedom all round. Never miss a call when  your phone's engaged, 40pp 8.4 MB
PHME 12595 The Relate 2000 BT's first videophone from 1992. 347 kB
PHME 16202 Kilostream Technical Data Sheet
Six pages of data on the Kilostream X21, X21 bis (V24) and X21 bis (V35).
PHME 21142 It's 1 to remember
16 April 1995 was phONEday when an additional digit '1' was added to STD codes to expand the UK numbering range. 1995 1.2MB
PHME 25668 Chargecard - free CD Make just five BT Chargecard calls and a free CD will be music to your ears. 755 kB
PHME 27107 Call Minder BT's version of automated messaging service. 355 kB
PHME 29428 ISDN 2e Changing the way we work
Introductory booklet for customers purchasing the ISDN 2e service. 2 separate channels over a single telephone line.
PHME 30308 Friends and Family Introducing 'Friends and Family', discounted calls to one specified number, eg your best friend 3.3 MB
PHME 33960 Since the first penny dropped
A history of payphones from the earliest 'silence cabinets' to cardphones and emails. 1999, 4MB
PHME 36194 Kilostream NTU 7
Operating guide gives information on KiloStream and KiloStream N private circuits
PHME 43985 Kilostream NTU 16 User Guide
KiloStream N is a dedicated digital private circuit service, offering either
data or voice transmission.
PHME 58617 Openreach Builders' Guide Guidance to builders of new residential or business developments on planning the telecomms services using BT Openreach. Pp 40 945 kB

PS 40 Telephone Booths and Equipment
A new generation of attractive, functional booths which will contain modern, push-buton payphones, offering a wide range of facilities and benefits to payphone users. Sep 1987 1.6 MB


Customer Premises

Customer Premises leaflets. This series appeared after liberalisation. Confusingly the prefix CP/MS has been used for both descriptive leaflets, as listed here, and for user guides and operating handbooks, which are listed elsewhere.

CP/MS 4 The Romantic Collection
Beautiful telephones, styled in Italy to make a positive contribution to the decor of your home, combined with reliable technology and assembled in the UK for British Telecom. 2.1 MB
CP/MS 14 The Rhapsody Switching System
The brand new Rhapsody Elite Switching System (ESS) which can provide up to three lines and six extensions has been specifically designed for the small professional business that wants to take full advantage or the new technology. 455 kB
CP/MS 24 The Osprey Answering-recording System
Bring an Osprey into your business to pick up all your telephone calls when you are out. Your callers hear your message and Osprey stores their reply for you to listen to later And it has other uses, too, as a recorder and as a monitor. 302 kB
CP/MS 25 Tern Answering-recording System
Tern is so versatile it earns a place in any business. It gives you excellent control of all your business telephone calls in one compact desk top unit. Tern can handle all your incoming calls without supervision But it is under your immediate control from a telephone anywhere in the world It can record your meetings and even monitor your callers' messages. 533 kB
CP/MS 26 Medway Call Maker
Up to two hundred telephone numbers at your finger tip, and you don't even touch the handset until the person you want is on the line. The Medway has full monitoring facilities. Every call is timed to the second. The Medway Callmaker clears your mind — and your desk — for the more important things. 535 kB
CP/MS 43 The Hawk Cordless Telephone
The Hawk's handset is connected to the base unit by radio signals, so you can use it independently to make and take calls anywhere within its operating range. In business or at home, inside or outside, the Hawk is an invaluable extension phone when you really need to stay in touch. 272 kB
CP/MS 50 Slimtel One-piece telephone
A uniquely shaped slimline phone with all its functions ingeniously self-contained in one elegant unit—all press-button for fast accurate dialling. It's compact and complete, requiring no cradle or base unit; so you can use it on a table, sideboard or shelf—in fact any level surface. 534 kB
CP/MS 54 The Versatel
Imaginatively designed, new generation telephone, the Versatel is a fully electronic press-button Inphone, with all its  functions cleverly incorporated into the slimline handset. Its modern styling looks good in every setting, at home or at work. 533 kB
CP/MS 58 Rhapsody
The Rhapsody lnphone in the home or at the office. It's fully electronic with press-button dialling, and integral bell with volume control, and a discreet silence button which allows you to talk to others 1n the room without being overheard by the person on the other end of the phone. 220 kB
CP/MS 93 Viscount (New standard)
The Viscount (new standard) is the latest fully-electronic lnphone with sleek low lines and elegant styling, enhancing both home or office environment. 533 kB
CP/MS 100 Ambassador
Neat, modern and very versatile, the Ambassador looks good in both a home or office environment. It's a fully electronic press-button telephone with a handy personal directory pad incorporated beneath the handset rest. 180 kB
CP/MS 142 Viscount 12
The Viscount 12 is a modern fully electronic In phone with sleek, low lines, elegant styling and a useful 12 number memory Ideal for both home or office the Viscount 12 will store up to twelve 16 digit numbers. 189 kB
CP/MS 173 Rhapsody Elite
The Rhapsody Elite Switching System has been specially designed for the small business with its sights on improved communications and thus greater business efficiency. With its 3 line and 6 extension capacity, it's not only perfect for the small firm but ideal working as a satellite station from a PABX switchboard. 1.1 MB
CP/MS 176 Kirk Telephone
The Kirk is a two-way loudspeaking telephone which enables the busy executive to hear and be heard on the telephone without lifting the handset. It also features on-hook dialling. 326 kB
CP/MS 187 Facility Phone 200
The Facilityphone 200 is an ingenious combination of loudspeaking telephone, call maker, digital clock and calculator. 300 kB
CP/MS 223 Curlew Cordless Telephone
With the new Curlew from British Telecom, you're free to make and take calls wherever you are in the home, garden or garage. It has memory capable of storing nine of your most often-called numbers, each of which can be dialled at the press of a button. 226 kB
CP/MS 240 Inphone Info Inside
Inphone was the brand name BT used to introduce the Special Range of telephones. 12 different models are illustrated and described - Sceptre, Versatel, Snoopy, Viscount, Ambassador etc 989 kB
CP/MS 271 Senator Switching System
The Senator provides up to five exchange lines and ten extensions and has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the small business that wants a faster, more efficient phone system but can't afford to dig too deep into its pocket. 1 MB
CP/MS 414 Escort 2+6 Switching System
The inexpensive way to turn existing telephones into a sophisticated office system. A system that allows you to hold, transfer or divert calls. To have intercom or conference calls. 1 MB
CP/MS 415 Escort 2+6 Guide
The Escort 2 + 6 call connect system is a new concept in key systems. This sales guide will make you familiar with Escort and its facilities, and help you sell it to our customers. 2 MB
CP/MS 419 Tribune Telephone
Tribune - tried & tested. Tribune will replace the dial as the new mass market telephone for rental or sale and because it has been exclusively developed by BT. 1 MB
CP/MS 430 Venue 24
Can your conversation ever be as stylish? Its radical yet discreet design. Venue 24 is currently available in the two
colours illustrated. 1 MB
CP/MS 445 Tremolo Telephone
An all new, all press-button lnphone, exclusive to British Telecom, that's all set to become Britain's favourite phone. Its popularity lies in its simplicity. No fancy gadgets or complex hi-tech wizardry. 533 kB
CP/MS 460 Kingfisher Answering Machine
It's affordable, very easy to operate and carefully designed to make sure that you catch every business call with all the  reliability you'd expect from British Telecom. 1.1 MB
CP/MS 462 Freeway Cordless Telephone
British Telecom have introduced Freeway, a new cordless telephone that's sure to make your life easier. Freeway lets you
make and take calls anywhere around the home, garden or garage. 428 kB
CP/MS 492 Minimaster 3 Switching System
This remarkably affordable switching system does so much for so little, making your operation far more efficient. Minimaster 3 gives you just up to two exchange lines and ten extensions. 1.1 MB
CPE/MS 504 Phones for homes
Introducing phones you've never known but always wanted. In fact a whole range of new look, new concept British Telecom phones. 04/87 897 kB
CPE/MS 523 Residential Charges 1977
British Telecom Telephone Charges Residential Only for 1977. 1 MB


BT Merlin Products

In the 1980s BT launched a range of products aimed at business users with the brand name Merlin. Sales literature and user guides carried the MER prefix.

MER 2 Viceroy call connect system
Viceroy is an extremely compact system with all the switching electronics contained within the console case. It consists of two units, the console and a compact power supply unit. A complete communications system in a single console. 10/1982  376 kB
MER 3 Kinsman call connect system
The Kinsman will operate in the range between Viceroy and Regent. Neatly packaged electronics in a small wall-mounted cabinet will drive a fully featured, attractively styled operator console with complete call status information display. 10/1982 389 kB
MER 5 Regent hotel system
The key to profitable telephone communication for hotels. Better service for your guests. Less work for your receptionist. 10/1982 250 kB
MER 193 Pentara 100
Here's a phone system that offers you the latest technology. And a pedigree to go with it. All the advantages of its predecessor. Plus quite a few of its own. 04/1985 2.1 MB
MER 227 Monarch compact 120
An adaptable system, ready for today's business technology. The sort of phone system which offers real value-for-money because it is capable of matching an organisation's needs precisely, even though those requirements may change rapidly. 09/1985 2.1 MB


Other Material

A new generation of booths
A new generation of telephone booths and equipment
Better Hearing Booklet PR/PL 17A. Help the Aged advice leaflet sponsored by BT in 1992. Discusses hearing aids and other helps for those with hearing difficulty. 1. MB
Engineers' Sales Folder
A comprehensive catalogue of telephones - standard and premium - accessories. Presumably intended for engineer's to show to customers during installation in order to solicit orders for instruments. Dated 1981. 5.7 MB
Telephone Services Portfolio 1933
A loose leaf folder probably intended for Sales staff when visiting a customer. Contains details of telephone instruments, extension plans, switchboards etc. 9.7MB
The Melody Unnumbered Leaflet. Hands-free telephone adaptor. Line powered 267 kB
The Tudor call connect system
The Tudor Call Connect System is an electronic keysystem that uses the latest microprocessor technology to provide a range of facilities and services normally found only on larger, expensive systems. 1 MB
Types of Telephone
A folder presumably produced for sales offices to illustrate the range of telephone instruments available in 1981-2. Covers standard desk and wall telephones with dial or push buttons as well as the special range. 2.3 MB
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