N-Diagrams Post Office N-diagrams

Some Popular Diagrams

N000 N-Diagrams: General Information. 130kB
N001 Subscriber's Telephone Apparatus: Alphabetical List of Diagrams. 800kB
N332 Telephone No 232 and 1/232.For use with Bell Set No 26 on CB & Auto Systems on Direct Exchange Lines etc. See N4300 for connections. 53kB
N338 Telephone 238 minus cord for use on CCB circuits in auto (Except UAX 5 & 6) and manual CB areas 44kB
N432 Telephone No 332 Combined microtelephone for use in CB & Auto areas. Alternative to Telephone No 1/232 and Bell Set No 26. 97kB
N533 Bell set No 33 for mounting inside Box, coin collecting No 14D complete or Box, coin collecting No 14E complete, automatic system 83kB
N613 Dial Auto No 13. Diagram showing springset connexions and number plate labels 65kB
N625 Planset N625A Mark 1. 800kB
N806 Telephones No 706F and No 706R. Table telephones No 706F with provision for one press button. 190kB
N811 Telephone No 711... Wall telephone with provision for 1 to 4 press buttons. 162kB
N812 Telephone No 712/...(colour) [Trimphone] 79kB
N825 Box, coin collecting No 725. Pay on answer coinbox and telephone. 303kB
N835 Box, coin collecting No 1/735D. Combined Coin-box and telephone for use in STD areas. 329kB
N841 Telephone No 741 (Mark 1 & 2). Wall telephone with provision for 1 to 4 press-buttons for use on auto systems. 212 kB
N845 Telephone No 745. Weatherproof wall telephone for use on auto and manual systems 181 kB
N846 Telephones No 746 & 746R. Table telephones:- No 746 with provision for one or two press buttons for use on auto systems. 230 kB
N848 Auxilliary Units for Telephones Nos 710, 711, 740, 741 & 746 365kB
N849 Press Buttons Telephones Nos 710, 711, 740, 741 & 746 168kB
N1102 Switchboard PMBX No 2/2A and No 2/2B 867kB
N1901 Handset No7 used with telephones No 706, 710, 711, 740, 741 & 746 128kB
N2312 Autodial No 3101A & 302A. Card callmaker for use on installation in automatic exchange areas. 263kB
N2408 Call Office, automatic system. Call Office circuit plan 5A or subscriber's direct exchange line with coin box equipment. Prepayment working 160kB
N4310 Subscribers extension Plan 7 and 7A Internal and external using Bell Set No 39A or 44. 440kB
N4507 Plan 105 and 105A internal and external using Planphone A (N625) - single extension on direct exchange line. 627kB
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