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Sales and Marketing Material

Ascom Berkshire
Ascom Berkshire Headset
Ascom Berkshire Teamlink
ATL MR 51 & 61
ATL SD 14 & 61
Ascom - later ATL Telecom - Berkshire basic business phone 545 kB,
Berkshire headset phone 563 kB,
Teamlink system used with Centrex 569 kB,
ATL Berkshire MR51 & 61 phones with caller ID 288 kB
ATL Berkshire SD14 Standard desk phone 309 kB
Astral revives the art of conversation
Astral's range of decorative pseudo-antique telephones. 1 MB
ATE Buttinski
ATE Dial Repeater
Automatic Telephone and Electric Buttinski Hand Telephone, BPO Tele No 280, rubber handset for exchange testing. 352 kB
ATE Dial repeater, BPO Regenerator No 1 to restore and correct dial and similar pulses. 813 kB
Austin Taylor Twin Set
An electronic planset provides facilities similar to Plan 107. Single line two phone with secretarial working 716 kB
Autphon Delta
Range of desk telephones from Autophon (before they became Ascom)
Dialatron Designer
Dialatron range
Desk or wall mount two-piece clamshell telephone
A world of style and colour from Dialtron. Trimtronic, Rumour, Phonanza, Big Button 10 1.9MB
DeTeWe Contast
DeTeWe E6 & E12
The "fast one" of the con-family. Contast push-button dialling reduces dial time and misrouted connections.
Electronic key telephone systems from DeTeWe, 3+6 and 6+12 921 kB
Gai-tronics Range of telephones
Gai-tronics Rugged Equipment
Gai-tronics Sentinel
Gai-tronics Titan
Gai-tronics Titan for railways

Weatherproof and vandal-resistant telephones, Range of environmentally dedicated telephones 95 kB,
Commander - Plastic Bodied Heavy Duty Telephone 90 kB,
Rugged: Weatherproof and vandal-resistant telephones, used by railways, road transport, public utilities etc. Hazardous area comms and PA systems. 12pp 2.5 MB
Sentinel - Hands Free Weather Resistant Telephone100 kB,
Titan - Metal Bodied Weather Resistant Telephone 97 kB,
Titan for railways 84 kB

GEC Keyphone 91 Push-button telephone using DTMF signalling 597 kB
Harrier Classics
A range of pseudo-antique telephones: Candlestick, Wallphone, Onyx, Ceramic, Nostalgic. A3 poster 2.9MB
Interquartz Product Data Sheets Interquartz range of telephones: Endeavour, Enterprise, Gemini, Hotline, Discovery series, Headset, Studio series 3.3 MB
ITT Pentomat
ITT Unimat
ITT PABXs. Pentomat 1000CT Crossbar system5 MB Unimat 4080 electronic PABX 7.2 MB
Keltek AC15
Signalling Units 53A and 54A provide voice-band signalling on private circuits for remote PBX extensions
Mitel 5303 Conference Phone
Mitel FX280 Payphone
The Mitel 5303 Conference Phone raises the bar on sound quality while lowering the barriers to effective collaboration. 758 kB
Table mounted payphone suitable for direct line or PBX extension. No requirements for meter pulses. 190 kB
Mitel SX-2000 Light "Fiber distributed PBX. The sophisticated product of Mitel's almost three decades as a leading innovator in real-time voice communications, the SX-2000 LIGHT PBX telephone system answers the dynamic needs of large-scale enterprises today." 897 kB
Philips KBX 3&6 Flyer
Philips KBX 6
Philips KBX 3 & 6 small business & domestic key telephone systems. KBX 3 = 1+3, KBX 6 = 2+6. Single page flyer 720 kB
Philips KBX 6 Small business system. Can use standard phones or dedicated terminals KT2 or KT3. 4-page booklet 1.3 MB
Philips KBX 100
Philips TMC KBX 100 a compact telephone system for small-to-medium-sized organisations, featuring user-programmable facilities, with
flexibility for expansion. Marketed by BT as Herald key system. 3.4MB
Philips KT2
Philips KT3
KT2 is a self-contained keysystem or a planset terminal for the KBX 3 or KBX 6 system.1.2 MB,
KT3 is a multi-memory phone that can be used as a PABX extension or as part of a planset. Handsfree versions are available 1.2 MB,
Racal vandal-resistant Racal Acoustics vandal-resistant telphones - RA 711 series, flat stainless plate front. 669 kB
Siemens Comfoset 150
Siemens Masterset 111 & 112
The high-convenience telephone featuring handsfree talking for office and home. 1.2 MB
Siemens Masterset 111 - the ideal telephone for every work place. 112 was a wall version. 868 kB
Telaloud A loudspeaking telephone based on a Tele No 706 from F.W. Reynolds Ltd. Undated 742 kB
Telephone Rentals:
Secretarial Facility T406
Secretarial Facility T461
Telephone Rentals Brochures: Two sales brochures for secretarial plansets similar, if not identical to the Plessey Etelphone above, courtesy of Andrew Tebbutt T406 136 kB and T461 178 kB
WB900 Subscriber's Carrier Equipment Leaflet from GEC in 1979 describing the pair-gain system allowing two subscribers to share one physical cable pair to the exchange. 1.0 MB
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