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GEC Photograph Album

This album was passed onto me by Bob Freshwater as rescued from GEC's factory before demolition. Click on a picture to open the gallery view for a larger picture. Use right and left arrows to move forward and backward through the gallery.

Album cover

Subscriber's uniselector

Subscriber's Uniselector.

Two-motion selector

Two-motion Selector.

Muraphone K

Muraphone 'K' automatic wall telephone.

GEC 1000 phone

GEC 1000 automatic table telephone.

GEC 1000 phone

Typical main and intermediate distribution frames.

SE 50 group sels

SE50 group selectors in St Leonard's Exchange, Sydney, the first main exchange in the world to use the SE50 selector.

Uniselector rack

Subscriber uniselector rack, Walsgrave telephone exchange.

Test desk

Test desk and main distribution frame, Singapore City telephone exchange.

Test desk and routiner

Test desk and junction routiner equipment - Earlsdon Exchange.

Uni & SE50 racks

Uniselector and SE50 racks, Kuching telephone exchange.

Test set

SE50 selectors and routine test set - Kuala Belait telephone exchange.

Suva exchange

View of automatic equipment, Suva telephone exchange.

Cable run

Typical cable run during the installation of a telephone exchange.

Manual board

Typical Toll (trunk) manual board.

Power plant

Modern telephone exchange plant.

Changed number

Changed number announcer rack.

Rural auto exchange

Rural automatic exchange with covers on.

Rural auto exchange

Rural automatic exchange less door and some covers.

VHF radio equipment

5-circuit VHF radio equipment.

UHF radio equipment

Typical UHF radio equipment for conveying television or telephony signals.

Group shelves

Group translating equipment for long distance coaxial cable lines.

Power-line eqpt

Typical power-line carrier equipment.

Installing dish

Erection of a UHF aerial on the Jungfranjoch in the Swiss Alps as part of a television link.

Electrical control

Part of typical control room providing remote supervisory control, telemetering, etc. of electricity distribution network.

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