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Some pages about my home town of Hitchin

Bancroft, Hitchin in 1948
Bancroft, Hitchin in 1948

Images of Bygone Hitchin

Some of the films I've worked on for the Hitchin Historical Society showing scenes from Hitchin's past.

St Mary's Church
St Mary's Church, Hitchin

St Mary's Bells

In 2012 I was asked to document the process of rehanging the bells in the local parish church, St Mary's. An article about how I went about it and the equipment I used.

Sound recordings of the bells

The finished videos

Hitchin Flyover from Icknield Way
Hitchin Flyover

Hitchin Flyover Opens, 2013

I decided to make a video of the first week of operation on the new rail flyover built to reduce congestion on the East Coast main line.

Looking at dress
St Mary's Flower & Wedding Dress Festival, 2016

St Mary's Flowers & Wedding Dresses

In 2016 I was asked to photograph the Festival of Flowers and Wedding Dresses held June 24-26. Here's the story of what I did.

Hitchin carnival
Hitchin Carnival

Hitchin Carnivals from 1964 to 1972

A musical slide show prepared from slides donated to the Historical Society.

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