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BT Publicity Leaflet - click for bigger image The British Telecom museum at Blackfriars (formerly the Telecom Technology Showcase) closed its doors to the public in August 1997. Here are some of the photographs I have taken of the exhibits over the years. Presented here in homage to the original museum. Click on the small images to see a larger version. Use your browser 'Back' button to return to the main page.

In June 2002 BT has opened the Connected Earth project which is a joint web resource with displays in museums around the country. As I visited the museums over the next few years, took pictures and news of where the various artefacts have got to. Go to the Museums and Partners Page to see which ones I visited. In 2019 BT announced that the Connected Earth web site had closed and referred to the BT Group Archive page


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The Telephone and its Several Inventors, Lewis Coe, McFarlane, ISBN 0-7864-0138-9

Exhibits: British Telecom Collection
Photos: copyright Sam Hallas 1992-1997
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